We Bought A New House on Waco St. in Wichita Ks

We Bought A New House on Waco St. in Wichita Ks
Hey, this is Matthew with Wichita Home Link, where we buy houses in Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding cities. I’m out here at a property that we just bought yesterday, and I wanted to walk through it with you and show you exactly what it’s like on the inside. It’s a beautiful home with a little over 3,000 square feet and a lot of character to it.

As you can see right at the beginning, you have the staircase up here. We have a nice big open dining area, and then in here we have the kitchen. We’re going to be redoing the countertops, redoing the back splash, painting the whole area, and everything like that. There’s a look of it. All right.

Then in here, we have a beautiful half bath that is already redone a good bit. It’s not going to need much work. This house in general, doesn’t need much work, but the seller wanted to move and she wanted to move fast, so we were able to come in and give her a fair offer and exactly what she was looking for. She accepted it on the spot and we got everything situated.

So, let’s go downstairs and see what exactly we’re working with. Downstairs needs a little bit more work done to it. Not everything’s finished out, but there is a lot of space down here. We’ve got a bathtub/jacuzzi. And then back here, we have our lovely utilities; washer and dryer, furnace, everything else like that. All new plumbing. All new, really everything. There’s new windows, new roof. Everything’s in great condition.

Let’s see. And then we’ve got this room back here. We’re going to tear out all this paneling down below on the floor. Redo it all. Redo the ceiling. It’s a nice big room. It could honestly be turned into another bedroom if somebody wanted to. Who knows, we still might.

So, let’s go on up to the other part of the house. Again, it’s a large house. We love buying houses like this one in the Wichita area. We’ve bought houses down to 750 square feet, and I believe this might be tied for the biggest house overall at 3,300 square feet.

Oh, well, they’ve taken the chandelier from here, but another beautiful room. It’s nice, big and open. It’s got this wonderful little spot right here. You can put all your books, decorations, everything else. And then, we’ve also got a fireplace. Let me take you into this area over here. And it’s got a sunroom even, which is pretty awesome I think. It’s not too often you get houses with the sunroom. Has a wonderful feel to it. A bunch of windows out here.

So, let’s go ahead and check out the upstairs. And again, the homeowner decided that she wanted to sell the home fast and get out. She didn’t say exactly what the reason was, more so that this just wasn’t the home for her. I believe she’d already bought another house. And so we came in, we did exactly what we do. We buy houses and we ended up purchasing it in a short amount of time.

So, here is the master bedroom upstairs. It’s nice and large. There we go. It’s got a wonderful walk-in closet area over here with two little sides next to it, that you can see. A bunch of closet storage space. That whole area right there. Another storage area and then it comes back around to this front. There’s two doors to it.

Then we’ve got this wonderful bathroom here. Again, it was pretty much updated already, and so we’re not going to have to do much to it either. And maybe just put some paint, new floor in, things of that nature. And then we’ve got another bedroom over here. It’s probably the smallest one in the house, but it’s good size still. Probably just going to repaint it, new fixtures and everything else like that.

All right. And we’re off to the last bedroom and it’s also got a couple chandelier like that. Really awesome. Really cool. Here we are. Here’s the last bedroom. Every bedroom in this house is, once it’s finished, it’ll pretty much be like a master, a master bedroom in normal houses. It’s got a nice closet right in there.

And yeah, it’s got a two car detached garage. You can see down there a little bit. It’s got a nice big open space to it, a nice big feel and so yeah.

Again, my name is Matthew. I’m with Wichita Home Link and what we do is we buy houses in Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding area. So, if you’re looking to sell your house fast for cash, give us a call at (316) 258-0650 or visit us online at webuyhousesinwichitaks.com. Thank you, and I’ll see you next time.
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