Why & How We Stage Homes

Why & How We Stage Homes
Hey, this is Matthew with Wichita Home Link, where we buy houses in Wichita, Kansas, and the surrounding cities. I wanted to talk with you about staging. I’m currently at a house on Litchfield Street in Wichita, Kansas where they wanted to sell it fast and we ended up buying it and renovating the whole place. And so when it comes to staging, it really helps fill in those empty spaces that are originally there when people come and look to buy a house. So if you just look at the living room here, what would normally be an empty open spot that people might not be able to envision what it looks like, we’re able to fill it with a warm, cozy, comfy, inviting environment. And so what you can do is get yourself, if you’re ever interested in staging, get yourself a couple couches, some nice lovely pillows and blankets, some carpet or rugs.

And then in the kitchen, instead of it just being another empty spot, we got ourselves a table, place mats, everything like that. We’re not 100% done with it on the staging, we’ve still got a couple things to go, but we love color. Adding stuff like fake fruit, pears, lemons, oranges, everything like that really helps add a lot of color, which makes everything else pop. It’ll make the back splash pop, make the countertops pop, everything like that. We even got stuff like this cutting board, everything else here. It just also gives the environment a homey feel and so it makes more people want to come and buy this house.

Let’s see. So then we’ve got this little nook or area over here. Got decorations up on the fireplace, got this lovely couch with some beautiful pink blanket, and then pink pillow over here with another single couch. So it kind of shows you what it could be like in this room, the potential that it has. And then even for bedrooms and bathrooms and stuff like that, we really like to go ahead and show what it could be like. Even with bath towels and hand towels and even mirrors sometimes. I believe that mirror is actually staying with a house. So that one’s not just for show, that’s there. And then we come to the bedroom. This one’s the least done yet in regards to staging, but you can just see all the stuff that we’re going to put in here. We’ve got a nice rug, we’re going to get a bed frame with a bed and the covers on it.

And instead of doing a real bed, because that would be very heavy and tough to move every single time, we’re just going to do a blowup mattress and hopefully nobody sits on it when the showings happen. As you can see, some lovely ideas here. We have our lovely Christa Chandler, she is the one that does all of the designs and everything. She picks out everything in regards to all the decorations and makes sure that it fits with all the homes and our style. We’ve also got this lovely dresser, beautiful plant, and then check this out. She loves these for the front door. They look awesome. Wreaths are the best.

So yeah, if you’re ever looking to sell a house in Wichita, Kansas and you want to stage it, you can either call our company, Wichita Home Link at 316-258-0650 and we can go stage for you or just keep watching our videos for an idea or two to see exactly what it is that you might pick up on. Again, my name is Matthew. I’m with Wichita Home Link, where we buy houses in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding cities. This is a house here in Litchfield that we buy for cash fast. And yeah, if you have any questions, give me a call or visit our website at www.Wichitahome… My bad, webuyhousesinWichitaKS.com. Thank you and have a great day.
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