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We Buy Houses In Andover, Ks.

Sell Your House Fast, Without A Realtor,
As-Is, For Cash

No Repairs – No Commissions – No Hassles

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Sell Your House In Andover & Surrounding Areas To Us And Pay No Agent Fees, No Repairs, 100% FREE! Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works!

Wichita Home Link is a no-nonsense house buying company. We buy houses in Andover Ks for cash. If you need to sell your house for cash, we’re local home buyers in Andover KS serious about buying your house. No repairs, no inspections, no agents, no fees, no commissions. 

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Cash Home Buyers In Andover KS

Why not request a cash offer from us before you lock yourself into a lengthy contract with a real estate agent? As a local cash home buyer in Andover, KS we cut out the middleman and work through your unique situation to serve you best. We take all the stress of selling a house away and deal with the hassles so you don’t have to. Our goal is to make selling your property for cash in Andover easy. We won’t waste your time with a “lowball” offer. It’s 100% FREE, there’s no obligation to accept, and we would love to talk with you about your property. You have nothing to lose!

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Sell Your House Fast For Cash

Why do homeowners in Andover work with Wichita Home Link? It’s simple.

When we buy houses, we guarantee a fair offer with a fast and easy selling process. You won’t have to make any repairs, pay realtor commissions, or deal with the stress of knowing when your house will sell. We’re a professional home buying company that buys houses for cash in Andover. That means our number one priority is your satisfaction!

Wichita Home Link Is Here For You

We are Matthew, Justin, & Krista, owners of Wichita Home Link. A friendly, honest, and reliable team you can count on. Together with our trusted team, we will bring you an offer that works best for you!

“I’ve worked with these guys on a number of deals and recommended many and never ever been disappointed! They do real estate the right way and really care about everyone involved in the transaction! I highly recommend!”

Daniel Rivera [Wichita, Ks.]

We Buy Houses For Cash In Andover Ks

No Repairs

Avoid spending thousands on repairs and months on flaky contractors. We don’t ask you to make any repairs on the house at all. We buy houses in Andover Ks AS IS and in any condition because we do the remodeling ourselves after the sale is complete.

No Realtor Commissions

Before you commit to a lengthy listing agreement with an agent, see what a cash offer looks like. Open houses, appraisals, and contingencies are overvalued and can easily be avoided. We are cash home buyers able to get you the most value for your property and won’t charge a 6% realtor commission. No Repairs – No Commissions – No Hassles.

No Hassle

As Professional Home Buyers, when we buy your house, we close on the day of your choice. Our policy is to make the sale of your house as simply as easy as possible. Fill out the form below to find out just how easy it is to sell your house fast for cash in Andover Ks.



How Do I Sell My Home Fast In Andover, Ks?

Selling your Andover Ks house fast for cash is pretty easy when it’s with Wichita Home Link. We eliminate the “middle man”. We do not depend on approvals from third parties (like banks when using a loan or real estate agents) in order to buy your home (we buy houses in Andover Ks. with cash!). Our offers are ALWAYS fair, with no “low-ball” offers. Click on the pages below to learn more on how to sell your house fast for cash in Andover Ks.
Cash Home Buyers In Andover Ks


Visit The How It Works Page

Learn how we formulate your offer. We walk through the steps of how we come to our conclusion for the best offer possible.
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Learn About Our Company

We know you are not going to pick just anyone to work with. So, get to know us a bit! 
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Request Your All Cash Offer!

We will not waste your time. Fill in any of our forms and receive your offer.

We Buy Houses For Any Reason

Selling your house fast in Andover Ks is not always an easy task. You need to deal with inspectors, showings, requested repairs by buyers, staging the house, keeping the house clean and paying commissions, closing costs, and other fees involved. We understand that selling a house in Andover the traditional way is not for everyone, and this is why we came up with our service. 

Avoid agent commissions, closing costs, walk-troughs, open houses, uncertainties, or costly repairs. Sell Your House Fast in Andover Ks no matter the reason:

Sell My House For Cash Andover Ks

For many home owners, owning a property has been nothing short of a disaster. Having to fix a burst pipe at 3am without the help of a plumber and with the hope that your house doesn’t flood. Constant repairs, property taxes, mortgage payments, and the real possibility of not making any money off appreciation with the house seeming to fall apart. If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider selling your house for cash and walking away. 

Wichita Home Link is a cash home buyers company that can come out to view your house, make an offer, and put cash in your hands on the closing date that works best for you. We pay cash for houses and take the hassle out of listing your property on the market with a real estate agent. You don’t pay for any closing costs, realtor fees, or repairs. Sell your house for cash in Andover, Kansas today.

Sell Your House Fast In Andover Ks Without An Agent

You can sell your house without a real estate agent in Andover. We are NOT Realtors or real estate brokers; we are cash home buyers right here in Andover Ks. Skip The Entire Listing Process And Simply Sell Your Home To Us! We get calls all the time from people who have tried selling their house themselves or tried using a real estate agent without success. Sometimes it’s best to not sell your house or rental property the traditional way and instead call us.

Still wondering, “how do I sell my house fast Andover Ks?” Here are the differences between selling fast for cash to Wichita Home Link versus the “traditional” route with a real estate agent:

Sold To Wichita Home LinkSelling With A Real Estate Agent
Commissions/FeesNONE – 6% Of Purchase Price Is Paid By Seller
Closing CostsNONE – We Pay All Costs2% On Average Is Paid By Seller
Mortgage FinancingNONE –Yes, The Sale Is Often Subject To Lender Approval
AppraisalNONE – Yes, The Sale Is Often Subject To Appraisal
Showings/Open HouseNONE – Daily & For Weeks If Not Months
Closing DateClose On The Date Of Your Choice30-60+ Days After Accepting Buyers Offers
Who Pays For Repairs NONE – We Buy Houses AS ISNegotiated Prior To Closing, Often It’s The Sellers

Sell Your House Fast For Cash In Andover Today!

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Sell Your House Fast


We buy houses AS-IS in any condition, and there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Clutter, mold, fire/water damage, tenant damage, pests, ripped up siding, hole in the roof, houses left vacant for years after an inheritance, etc… No matter the condition of your home.


Sell your Andover Ks house fast, even under the toughest circumstances. Our goal is to make selling your home simple and stress-free, regardless of the situation. You can leave your house as-is and we’ll do all the work!

A Quick Way To Sell Your House Fast In Andover Ks

Fair Cash Offer

We look at the current condition of the market and take into account the costs and risks associated with buying a house. After crunching the numbers we always come back with our highest offer, and never give out lowball offers.
Cash House Buyers in Andover Ks

Pay 0% In Real Estate Commissions

Unlike realtors who charge 6% we are completely free when it comes to selling your house fast for cash. That means that if we buy your house for $100,000 we’ve immediately saved you $6,000 on commissions that you would have normally paid to an agent.
how do I sell my house fast in Andover Ks?

We Buy Houses In AS IS Condition

We buy houses AS IS. That means no matter the condition of the house, we will buy it for cash. Whether the house is in pristine condition or in disrepair. There’s nothing we haven’t seen, and there’s nothing we haven’t bought.
sell my house Andover Ks

Sell Without Repairs

Wichita Home Link was designed to buy houses in Andover Ks in it’s current condition so that you don’t have to make a single repair. We do all of the repairs ourselves, everything from cracks in the foundation to holes in the roof.
cash home buyers Andover Ks

Close On Your Schedule

Sell your house fast for cash knowing that it won’t be delayed or canceled. You pick the closing date and can sleep soundly knowing that you’ll have cash in your hands in as little as 14 days.
sell my house fast Andover Ks

Cash In Your Hands

After we’ve come out to view your property, agreed on a price, and set the closing date. Lastly will be to meet at the title company and get you the cash you deserve! It’s really that easy.
Wichita Home Link - We Buy Houses

Sell Your House Fast For Cash In Andover Today!

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Areas We Buy Houses In Kansas

We buy houses in Andover, Ks and the surrounding cities. Do you own property somewhere other than Andover Ks? As professional cash home buyers that buy houses, we can offer cash for your property in any location in Kansas.

It doesn’t matter what your reason for selling or the condition of your property. We buy houses in AS IS condition! Wichita Home Link is here to help you and give you the best experience when we buy your property in KS.

Sell your house fast in Andover, Ks. Do you want cash for your home but don’t live in Andover? No worries, check out these surrounding cities that we work in as well!

Sell My House Fast Common Questions

What’s the quickest way to sell my house?

The fastest way for property owners to sell is with a cash offer. Cash home buyers can close in a couple of weeks, not months. Wichita Home Link has closed on properties with sellers in as little as two weeks. Keep in mind that the title needs to be clear of any possible liens, and escrow pays off any outstanding property taxes and mortgage payments at closing.

Are those we buy houses companies legitimate?

Most we buy houses for cash companies are legitimate. Some cash buyers are newer without years of knowledge which can be costly to the person selling their house. While most we buy houses companies are legitimate we recommend doing your research to find the ones that will provide the best quality service for your needs. Here are some things to look for and questions to ask to ensure you’re dealing with a credible and reliable we buy houses company.

Researching For Credibility

Do the house buyers….

  • Have a credible website with helpful information?
  • Testimonial and video reviews from real people?
  • Show a local office location on their Google My Business page?
  • Communicate well and reply promptly?

Contract Details & Terms To Be Aware Of

Does the purchase contract to buy your house have…

  • $2,000+ Nonrefundable earnest money deposit.
  • No contingencies of any kind. Example: 7-14 day Inspection periods or “subject to 3rd party approval”
  • Buyer to pay All sales expenses, Including seller’s excise tax.

Is it a good idea to sell my house to a cash home buyer?

Selling your house fast for cash can be stressful, but for those looking for speed and convenience, a cash sale can be a great option. If your house is in need of repairs or you need to sell quickly, consider requesting a cash offer evaluation from a cash home buyer. A cash offer quote is free and can help you make an informed decision for your family’s goals.

From divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, burdensome rental property, and more, Wichita Home Link helps property owners just like you stuck in difficult situations. We buy houses in KS, including Andover and surrounding areas, for a fair cash price, fast. We also operate as traditional agents, and our knowledge and experience of the local real estate market mean that we can help homeowners get top dollar for their homes.

If you simply don’t want to put up with the hassle of owning that house any longer, and if you aren’t sure whether you should go through the process of selling your property the traditional way, let us know about the property you’d like to be rid of. You can either sell it to us fast for cash or work with us to get top dollar on the market. Talk to someone in our office by calling us today at (316) 258-0650.

We buy houses in Andover and all surrounding areas in KS. If you need to sell your house fast, connect with us today. We would love to make you a fair, no-obligation, no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose. 🙂